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    Just Strive Fitness delivers personal training in North Oxford. We provide bespoke personal training sessions and programmes for all fitness abilities - both 1-1 and dual training available. We are based at Studio PT (near Summertown), a private training facility offering a vast range of equipment and functional space, for personal training clients only, making it the perfect location for training.



    Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, gain strength and stamina, lose weight, develop muscle or tone, we can help. Our professional trainer, Lydia Briars is a nationally recognised member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity (CIMSPA). We are also fully insured with both Public Liabilty and Professional Indemnity Insurance.



    We are passionate about helping our clients reach their potential and to help clients enjoy the journey of becoming stronger, fitter and healthier.



    • Passionate about helping you reach your goals.
    • Understanding and empathetic.
    • We practice what we preach - Head Trainer Lydia is a bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast and takes her training seriously. She would like to inspire and motivate others.
    • Individualised coaching - bespoke programmes, designed with you in mind.
    • Client / Trainer app - track your workouts, progress and nutrition, straight from your smartphone.
    • Education and Knowledge - we receive ongoing continued professional development to ensure we are at the forefront of health and fitness.
    • Available to contact 24/7 for support.



    "Training with Lydia gave me the boost I needed in the gym. After training on my own for a while I found that I wasn't progressing as much as I'd like, which is where Lydia helped me. She taught me new ways to think about my training, how to make each exercise and rep count, and how they work each body part individually. After each session I felt as though I'd actually efficiently trained my muscles, and I was able to incorporate the exercises she'd given me into my own training sessions. Whether you need a confidence boost in the gym, new exercises to do or even just someone to motivate you, Lydia is 100% the person to do this."


    Holly, Thame




    “Meet the woman who keeps me on track and has helped me fall in love with training... Lydia has helped give me the guidance and motivation that I was lacking before I started training with her. She makes it fun and challenging. Lydia has made me realise I can achieve my dreams and that I don’t have to be scared of the gym. Lydia has such a passion for training which motivates me more than ever... I honestly couldn’t do my training sessions without her! I am looking forward to taking my training further with her in the future.”

    Robyn, Summertown




    “I approached Lydia because I felt I was getting lazy and complacent in my workouts and she demonstrated quite quickly that I could do much better. With some new moves and encouragement, I found I could make good progress, increasing my strength and stamina. Lydia has devised programmes for upper and lower body strength which kept me interested and had noticeable results in a few short weeks. She is an excellent motivator and I really look forward to our sessions.”

    Christine, Wolvercote




    “After giving birth to my daughter I really wanted to lose my baby weight, but training by myself just wasn’t working. I had seen Lydia training in the gym and as I was new to personal training, I thought I’d take advantage of the complimentary session. So I met with Lydia and she immediately made me feel relaxed and listened to all of my needs. I knew straight away I wanted to sign up. 6 weeks on and training with Lydia is just the best! The sessions are fun and varied, Lydia knows when to encourage and push me. I’m well on track to reaching my target and I can’t wait see what more we can achieve together. For anyone thinking about signing up, I’d definitely say give it a go. You won’t regret it!”

    Joanna, Headington




    “First I need to say how much I have both enjoyed and benefited from our sessions. You have really inspired and educated me on being stronger, loving the gym and exercise, and your bubbly personality & enthusiasm has kept me working very hard throughout. I have loads more confidence now to use weights, know which exercises to do, and am picking up my running again. I could not have done it without you.”

    Mark, Summertown




    “Lydia is a personal trainer with a heart! She understands that each body is different with individual needs and then sets about successfully creating circuits which have levels that can be modified or increased according to ability. Through clear, knowledgeable and encouraging instruction, she enables each person to get the maximum out of each session. Then, having quietly observed the progress that everyone makes, she gently increases challenges so that we cannot fail to improve. To my great surprise, I enjoy every minute of the boot camps and am becoming noticeably stronger and happier. Thank you, Lydia!”

    Laurelle Rond, Little Milton




    "Just wanted to say how useful and enjoyable the outdoor fitness classes has been at Little Milton. Having never touched weights before Lydia has improved my technique fully and I now feel more confident using them by myself/ in the gym. She also adjusts individual exercises to suit you, if you had an injury or your ability, which is good too. Additionally, its been great exercising outside and having different exercises each week. Lydia also has a bubbly personality, motivating us all throughout the session and is a knowledgeable PT. Would definitely recommend the sessions to anyone either beginners or more advanced."


    Jo Jackson, Great Milton




    "Thank you for starting the circuit classes. It got me working out again with all my injuries (lower back and knee issues). If anything, it strengthened the issues I had , which you helped me to work around. I felt so much better for the classes and it certainly has benefited me, my core is stronger, as are my legs and arms. Thanks again."

    Vivien Muller, Little Milton




    "Helping me to give 100% in each training session. Having lived in London but now in the Oxford area I am used to having quality personal trainers within arms reach. I didn't expect to have that luxury in Oxford. I knew what I wanted from my instructor and I found that in Lydia. Lydia helps me with my form and how to get the most out of my sessions. I knew that I wanted to have a whole body workout but didn't want to have my body get used to the same routine. Lydia provides a core of exercises that suit my goals but also adds different ones to keep my body on my toes. She applies the perfect amount of cheer-leading but pushes me when I need it. One thing that I enjoy is that she takes the necessary time to stretch after my session, something that not a lot of trainers(in my experience) focus on. That with the fact that she provides extra support through a fitness app, expert advice on nutrition, motivation for a little extra self-fitness, makes me know that I have found the right trainer. Thank you Lydia, I am definitely reaching my goals, seeing my body change, losing weight, and learning how to eat better."

    James Howitt, Wolvercote




    "Lydia has been a fantastic support over the last 12 weeks and really made me strong in mind and body. I fought a little against all the weights in the beginning but then with patience and guidance Lydia showed me how this would pay off later on with my running and cardio. She was so right!! I now have the strength to easily handle 5K runs and aiming for 10K. The fat is falling off and muscle building up. Excellent job Lydia and I will continue to have you by my side whether for some hard core training or just that smile and encouragement to push me along and get the most out of my efforts. Lydia you are so passionate about your sport and incredibly caring and sensitive to your clients' needs; keep it up and wishing you continuing success with your great business."


    Amanda Wilkins, Oxford




    "Having been in a constant battle with my weight since my pre-teens, having lost and gained weight. I'd gained again and was finding it really difficult to lose. Regularly going to the gym over a few years, my workouts were all cardio only, which had become monotonous, weren't really challenging me and hadn't had any affect on losing the body fat. Also there were a combination of factors, which meant the lifestyle I was living wasn't helping me lose weight. In the past, I'd tried weight training but didn't really take to it, thought it didn't suit my physiology and not being particularly strong, it was something that I'd always avoided. I was at a crossroads as to what to do about my training.


    Having thought of approaching Lydia about personal training sessions before, I got speaking to her in the gym and the decision was made in my head, that I was going to sign up. It's been 5 weeks now, since I started the sessions with Lydia. They are varied and you feel as though you've done a worthwhile workout afterwards.

    Weight training has been something that I've done and enjoyed in the sessions, it's made the difference along with my diet, in losing body fat and centimeters off of my waist, hips, chest, arms and legs. Lydia has changed my perception of weight training. My diet and lifestyle now is completely different to what it was 5 weeks ago. The changes that have been made have seen my energy levels increase and my sleep pattern improve.


    There are very few people I would trust to oversee my training, Lydia being one of them. Her positivity, optimism, friendly personality, knowledge and planning, the reasons for this. I would say to anyone else, that's got into an exercise routine with no progress or results, like I did, to sign up with Lydia and try the sessions. You've got nothing to lose, except body fat!"


    Kirk, Kidlington




    Head Trainer Lydia Briars, Personal Trainer Oxford

    Lydia Briars

    REPs Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer


    Lydia lives and breathes training and is there to motivate, inspire and help her clients reach their goals. Friendly and approachable, Lydia will make you feel comfortable in the gym and give you confidence during your session. You will leave the gym full of feel good endorphins. It's amazing what exercise does for your body and mind.



    Let me help you on your fitness journey!


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